Piltdown Syndrome

Piltdown Syndrome by Nathan T. Sams

Gospel According to Luke (Litz)

Gospel According to Luke (Litz)

Rabbi Cliff Maynard

Rabbi Cliff Maynard

Pastor Scott’s Father

Message from Pastor Scott’s Father

Wilt thou be made whole?

Praise and Testimonies 2015-04-04

Praise and Testimonies 2015-04-04 Please share with us how YHWH has blessed you.

Planting Seeds of Light Tour

Planting Seeds of Light Tour Greeneville TN Special guest Kenny Russell Kenny Russell of Bulldozer Faith Brings an important word on preparing for the return of Messiah and doing the work of the Kingdom. Please comment below

Capture the Moment

Capture the Moment with guest Scott Hillman This is a special television appearance with Pastor Scott and Kenny Russell. In this program you will hear a portion of Pastor Scott’s testimony of how YHWH brought him into the… Read More