Prayer Requests

YHWH’s Word instructs us as New Covenant believers to “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the Law of Messiah”. Galatians 6:2

Our desire is to be a community of believers that stand with each other in love and compassion. We believe in the power of prayer and agreement according to the Word of God. If you have a prayer request, please share it in the comments below and we will pray with you for the Father’s perfect will and purposes to be made manifest in your situation.

3 Comments on “Prayer Requests

  1. Hello from Northern CA. I love your teachings and praise God that you can do so. I do have a prayer request. I am in the middle of healing my body after years of overwork in the ministry and the loss of my husband two years ago. I kept the prayer and worship Hebrew roots ministry going for a year after he passed and the weight and persecution of the christians here finally took it’s toll on me. When the next worship leaders left because they wanted to do something else, and they already lived pretty far away, I felt God was telling me to just stop as I was too physically and by that time mentally and emotionally exhausted to go on so I closed the ministry. Everyone was upset but nobody would commit to actually doing the work. We had to set up the room everyday with musical equip including the soundboard so it was heavy work every Sat. I am being obedient to God in eating in a way to lose all my weight and deal with some of the serious health problems that have overtaken me down the years and so I am actually excited that there may be a future for going forward this next year. I thought I would never consider it but God has lit a spark and I will talk to Him to see where he wants to ignite it for His Glory. I have nowhere to fellowship here because I just cannot go and support people who minimize and hide the work of the Holy Spirit, and the churches that do not do that on some level threw my husband and I out the doors long ago for our devotion to God’s Word and ways. Please pray that God will continue to be strong in my thick head, lead me and guide me well and keep His Spirit strong in my heart as I seek to live out the rest of my years as His daughter. Thank you and you are all in my prayers. I wish I could give to your work but right now after being widowed I am basically down to nothing. Hopefully in the future I can give a little and you won’t be offended by the teensy effort. Well, God bless you and your fellowship there and may God’s peace rest with you always. Rosemary from Paradise CA (no joke it is Paradise CA for real)

  2. Rosemary, I see that some time has passed since your prayer request post, we are lifting you up before our Father for continued healing for you and that our King will provide a local group of like minded believers to encourage and provide support for you as you rebuild. Be encouraged our Father declares in Isa 41:10 “Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed for I am your God, I will strengthen you, yes I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Blessings in Messiah!

  3. Thank you for the prayers! I am surprised to hear back because I know how busy people are but it was a pleasant surprise. All of us who that are in covenant are are on a journey that never stays the same. Journeys always have passing landscapes, new challenges but also a certain excitement with moving forward, despite the hardships involved. I have spent all the time possible studying Torah through and have been sanded with rough sandpaper in the process of losing some of my past teaching assumptions from living in modern Christian America. As “rough” as that has been for me, and I know that I have not arrived, it has been a time of blessing to know Him better through His Word and walk with Him daily in fellowship. I have always been a Word person and of course that has brought much conflict in my life being in a system that I have come to realize does not entertain scholars in their midst with kindness or grace. But that being said, the blessings of walking the path with with Him has no rivals in peace and joy. I really hope I can come visit someday as my son wants to visit the East Coast and I would like to go to a few fiddle gatherings. California is a hard place to live financially and since we are basically hunter gatherers our lifestyle is very hard to maintain anymore in this atmosphere. My son is in the process of redoing a car hauler trailer for traveling (they are warmer and easier to cool), so we actually may make the trip next year. He is considering a job move. He is a Network Computer and HEPA Security Specialist so he needs to be near civilization to work so he does have to consider that when changing jobs. I do pray all of you in your group are doing well and growing in the grace and knowledge of Messiah. Thanks again for responding as it was encouraging to someone who is trying to learn to walk everyday alone after working a lifetime in the church. With Him though all things are possible and we are never without His love and advocacy. Blessings to you all, Rosemary

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