• Story of Israel 10

    The Story of Israel Part 10 Genesis – Revelation YHWH’s Plan for His inheritance from beginning to end. “Where do you fit in?”

  • River_Through_Boulders

    It’s amazing how a RIVER changes things!

      Join with us each Shabbat at 10AM to rediscover the Word of YHWH from the Hebraic foundation.  

  • IMG_20141220_134403_958

    Hanukkah 2014

      A wonderful gathering of several local fellowships on Hanukkah to worship YHWH and feast together.

The Joys of Technology

For those of you who may not have noticed, over the last few weeks, it has been a bit slow getting videos online. I have been battling health issues and as a result have been missing way too… Read More

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Spirit of Prophecy 1

Spirit of Prophecy Part 1

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Spirit of Prophecy 2

Spirit of Prophecy Part 2

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